Metal based PCB

Due to recent developments in technology, a range of Hi-Power Surface mounted devices have been adopted by many industries, like automotive lighting and hi-power PCB producers. While the technology continues to expand its usage, a serious problem of heat dissipating was generated by low thermal conductivity performances of standard FR-4 PCB.  The simplest solution is to employ Metal Based PCB. This techbnology is, in essence, a normal PCB with an aluminium backbone bonded for assuring that all the excess of heat produced is quickly dissipated.  Even compliceted multilayer PCBs can also be manufactured using this technique, with the aid of Thermal Vias.

Single layer

Singlesided copper laminate is very suitable for the production of simple, low priced PCB. Different base materials allows optimized production processes, leading to great price/quality ratio. Our FR4 solutions are convenient also when compared to CEM1 resulting in better quality at the same price. FR4 also fulfills higher demands: smallest drillings down to 0.3mm, material thickness from 0.4mm to 3.2mm. With our different single sided production range, we can cover different industrial standards and wide application fields.


We can offer multilayer solution up to 12 layers, with the high precision granted by the equipment of our production lanes like Laser direct Imaging, drilling and contouring and high layer count lamination processing. We can develop non-standard build-up, base copper thickness up to 2 oz, with possibility of class 3 products.

Double side

We offer the latest technology applicable to double-sided PCB: from standard laminates with medium Tg  to special application FR4 with high Tg and CTI available on demand.